Welcome to Pipal Securities

Pipal Securities Private Limited was incorporated on 15th January 2010. We provide all sorts of advisory services in the field of Investments, Capital Market, Financial Market and all other services in the field of Capital Market and sponsoring of Mutual Fund, setting up and sponsoring of trusts including alternative investment funds.

We, at Pipal Securities are proud to be a relatively small entity providing maximum financial services to our clients. We believe in providing professional services with utmost integrity by constantly being in par with the knowledge and skill necessary to provide such services competently. We maintain confidentiality and exemplary professional conduct in our dealings with our clients and maintain fairness and reasonableness in all our professional relationships.

These efforts are led by our most powerful asset — our people. We have a fundamental value oriented research driven team providing investors with absolute return alternative investment services. We customize each of our services to suit your unique needs while keeping in mind the ultimate goal of financial freedom.

  • We plan after considering your long-term and your short-term goals.
  • We recommend products that suit your needs after profiling your risk.
  • Periodic review ( yearly) and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
  • We recommend the entry & exit based on our detailed research and analysis of the market, economy and individual funds, schemes.
  • Our fund selection is unbiased & it works on the sole motto of creating wealth for you. We do all the hard work for you to save your precious time.
Core Purpose
To provide our clients with financial security and peace of mind during times of mounting concern and uncertainty. To assist our clients in meeting not only their day to day financial challenges but also their long term goals.
To be a premium financial advisory company, continuously educating and advising investors and assisting them in creating long term wealth.